Hi everyone…

Today has been one of those eventful days, and i do not mean that in a good way. I ate really good food today though, because my mum cooked, she is such an amazing cook. I hope to beat her at her game.

Well today something happened to me and it triggered this post. I was thinking, still thinking about a really good friend of mine and it hurts. I think i haven’t been a good friend back.

I would like to talk about what real friends are. I really wanted to do a poem but i think a blog will describe everything in detail.

So my friend has been there through my thick and thin.  I will make this short before i start feeling like i’m so fake i could crack. I believe less is more and i HATE talking too much, not unless im close to you then you know i’m a big mouth.

Friends are those that are always there to listen to whatever you have to say no matter what it is because i sometimes go on a rampage and text random stuff for hours. A friend always replies to that or just lets you burst their phone with as many texts as possible.


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Friends are those that look in your eyes and you can immediately tell what they are thinking. Their eyes tell a story, of how they are, no need to ask.If you ask, you will certainly get a real answer. I ask ‘how are you’ to know how someone is fairing and i expect a whole story. I hate ‘fine thank you’ as a response.

Friends are those that make you laugh so hard because of silly little things or because you haven’t said anything at all any time of the day or night. Look at each other and just laugh so hard.

Friends look out for you and care about you no matter how hard they try to show that they don’t give a rats behind about how you are. You tell them you miss  them and they do you expect me to respond to that?

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Friends call you by another name other than your name, most of the time, because they can and its more fun that way. Nobody should just pick up when they call because immediately you pick up its just profanity, no greetings.

Friends comfort you when you are about to cry. When you act like mary jane and tell yourself to stop it! and not cry, they are the ones you can call to keep you strong because they will ask you to man up or just make fun of you. They are a call away.

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Friends just look out for you and protect you. You feel that someone is holding your hand through everything, literally and hypothetically. They walk with you, both worlds, in your heart and on the streets of Nairobi, not caring what the world will say about your friendship due to the difference in race or religion.

Friends dance with you, laugh with you, hug you and hold you because they feel everything you feel. They feel your pain, your happiness, your anger and your resentment. They feel everything without saying anything or just saying a little.

Friends talk about everything. private and general. They know where you are and at what time and with who. They know what you like and what you love. They know who you want and who you don’t. They know when they push too hard and when they push you towards the top.

Friends always want the best for you. They always get mad watching you make the wrong decisions all over again. They always don’t get why you do not see what is ahead of you. They always have hope in you that is as big as the titanic. They know what is best for you but they never overstep their boundary even if they know they should.

Friends will always mourn for you and smile with you. They know that they will always have you and vise versa.

And it is beautiful how one person just sucks every emotion out of you. It is chilling how much you worry about a  person because of the unknown. It is heavenly how you know that you always have someone in your heart even if they left.



I love you so  much.

BestFriends Are Forever.







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