Well i was  going through my emails today and i bumped into this article that i had written a long time back…hope you all like it.

Listening to music brings out so much.Music should be used everywhere. Especially in class. I know for fact that it would bring the highs of everyone, most of us. When I listen to music, I listen to my heart. I listen to my body, to my brain. There’s that song that everyone wants to listen to when you are hurt, or sad, disappointed,expecting something, when you think about someone, or something..You know, that song, those songs you want to listen to when you feel a mess.

Theres that song that will always be right there for you anytime, everytime. Right now, where did he go. That’s a song by Miss. Keri. What it makes me feel…like I need myself. I need myself to be strong. Like that time I lost uncle and I had to just accept it coz I was a mess. I needed someone to hold me and tell me that it would be okay. We all need something to hold on to and cry to sometimes. We are all human. Where did he go is that song that makes you feel like there’s nobody there when you need them so bad that time. At the same time, it makes you feel so strong. It makes you feel like you have you by your side. It’s that song that makes you grab a pillow and wallow but after releasing all those tears, you feel so empowered.

Dissapointments follow us now and then.. it pains. Visualizing that ten year old girl who wants a bicycle but mum says that she can’t have it. She just goes to her room and cries her all. It’s not much to ask, its not the end of the world, but not getting what you anticipate to get can be a bummer sometimes. That boy who wants the best of the best watch for his birthday and doesn’t get it. It hurts. For these moments, those songs that make you feel like a Spartan are the best. You feel like you conquered death or something.laughing. You know what this does, it changes the gear from one to five. From a zero to a Ten ladies.
PARTY!! Now who goes to a party without music. We all go wild and dance to that beat. The happiness and the joy cannot be expressed. That togetherness with that black ice or that cold tusker and those that are anti alcohol with their novida . This music makes us go to the wildest height of the feeling of friendship. I do not advocate for alcohol but if you can remember, the pilsner adverts that had friends eating choma together and drinking or the men’s challenge which just disappeared had that feel. It just made the whole advert look so, warm. It brought people together.i always sang along..MILELE…MILELE..Tusker my beer excuse my voice though. That coca cola advert that had a family clap for the mom..it went..you are the one….i loved that song. Made me cry, yea, im sissy like that.

What im trying to say here….music is part of us. Part of me. And it brings every nation, every race, every colour together. Because we are simply just human and we all feel. This is how we are all one blood.So next time you listen to a song, write down what you feel. You will be amazed.



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