Listening to – where did he go – keri Hilson, and at that point in life, came up with this. Enjoy.


Well i was  going through my emails today and i bumped into this article that i had written a long time back…hope you all like it.

Listening to music brings out so much.Music should be used everywhere. Especially in class. I know for fact that it would bring the highs of everyone, most of us. When I listen to music, I listen to my heart. I listen to my body, to my brain. There’s that song that everyone wants to listen to when you are hurt, or sad, disappointed,expecting something, when you think about someone, or something..You know, that song, those songs you want to listen to when you feel a mess.

Theres that song that will always be right there for you anytime, everytime. Right now, where did he go. That’s a song by Miss. Keri. What it makes me feel…like I need myself. I need myself to be…

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