Hi you..i hope your day is going okay. I hope you  are happy today and smiling.

I need to share something with you..about my feelings today, at this time.

I am in the dark, in my bed. I am listening to Emeli Sande’s Read all about it, a coincidence when i think about it now that im writing to you about my feelings.

Can i ask you something? Do you ever feel like you give so much to everyone, like you love everyone in your life that you value..so much that you would do anything for them?

Then…sometimes you feel like they do everything in their power to push you away? and you wonder why they are doing that because it hurts your feelings? And you wonder why they do somethings that you would never do to them.. Then, you start asking yourself if those people are your friends? Because the person you’re telling asks you, are you still talking about your friends? because they sound like total strangers..

Has it ever dawned on you that you should stop letting people in your life? and when you   do that,it feels so lonely but the loneliness feels better than the pain you get when you feel betrayed?

Do you deal with betrayal on a regular basis? How do you handle it? Do you stay or do you leave? Do you talk or do you keep all quiet and just move on..heart broken..your heart bleeding and nobody  understands?

Do you ever wonder why you cant find someone who wants to go bird watching on wednesday mornings? a person who wants to visit the museum and have icecream after? a person that calls you to ask you to check out the latest art gallery? a person that wants to go for dance classes because they cant do the club dances, they think, just like you that ballroom dancing takes a long time but its way more fun than popping or twerking or grinding? that person that pushes you to go jogging in the morning because its good for you and keeps you fit? a person that wants to go to the library and study for fun and because its so much fun? a person to create stuff with! a person that wants to take up some community service activities because it feels so good helping out! a person who wants to surprise our mothers with a random dinner cooked by us? a person to just look at something and laugh with? a person who wants to see the world and get into any academic competition just to go there because that’s a trip for free.shopping together and making a mockery out of yourselves? going for spa treatments together..?a person who wants to hunt down influential people to interview at dinners or luncheons so that we can have some of that wisdom to last a lifetime? a person that just wants to stare at the stars and wonder and wish and just talk? a person that shares your vision for what life can hold the limitless possibilities! should i go on? you get the drift..

do you ever?

Girls only.


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