BEFORE I’s a letter

When i look down below..i see buildings dust and greens..but when i look above i see space love blue and white

As i look outside i see congestion and limitations but when i look above i see opportunities freedom and peace

When i look around i see walls and defined paths but when i look above i see unending eternal unbound ways i can fly and swirl

The roads have potholes vehicles may breakdown there may be disagreements on the streets and pictures of cruelty on my timeline but when i look above i see and feel nothing but happiness fulfillment contentment and eternal glory in your name.❤ i love you much and i thank you for hope.even for this world you have given me to enjoy and this breath you put in me.its the most beautiful thing ever and i believe in you that you are my home that you are my king that you are my happiness and joy and i would never want it any other way because everything you are is perfect for you are love.

So many questions in my head but i know you will answer one day.

Please give me the privilege of being your angel warrior to fight for you.i long to be an angel so strong and fearless for you.i long to have an immortal powerful body to defend your kingdom to protect your people to make them understand how great you take care of what you care about the most..our hearts.

Father,when i come to heaven, will i sit or will i sing eternity to you and praise your name..will i ask as many questions..will i doubt you..will i doubt my doubt myself..will i love you..will i obey you always..i hope i will love you as much i hope that you will work in me to look for you to be my God.the one i seek everyday of my immortal life.will i have an amazing body and wings to fly all over..will i see the colours that you created..will i hear your voice father..will i crave you as much as i do now..will i be your daughter always and forever? What will you have me do in heaven..will i be a teacher..will i be a guard..will i just oversee other guards..will i be in charge of something..i really want to do stuff for you i want to run errands but mostly i want to sit before you and listen to you..your stories i know you have so much.

And jesus..i miss you so much.i want to talk to you again..i want to spend more time with you but i get how busy you are bringing people to Gods kingdom..everytime you visit i feel so happy.i am so happy to see you smile at me .how happy you are with me. Spend more time with me..tell me what you want from me..tell me how i should go about what bothers me.thank you for being my friend and thank you for allowing me to be myself around you and for you.i thank you for all that you have invoked in me to be.thank you for your visits.i hope i get to visit your home town although i know what means most to you is your home in the heavens and getting as many people to your kingdom..i pray that you accomplish all you want to and i shall pray for the people in the world that do not know you yet because you’re the moat awesome person i have ever met.thanks.i love you and i wish i could hug you.

Holyspirit..i thank You for all you have helped me to do to prepare myself for a bride who is about to meet her husband at the either who was prepared for the king you prepare me for my prepare me for the kingdom of heaven and you protect me from the evils in the world..because you know me all too well and you know the world all too well and that is why you speak to me when you need me to walk away walk out or speak out.i thank you for being in me everyday and i pray that you may continue to be manifest in my heart body and soul..mould me each day for my day in heaven when i shall meet the king of my heart and world.the ultimate place where my soul and heart belongs.thank you.

And to the angels and any spiritual being in my life sent by my father to watch over me..i love and thank you all.i love you so much you have no idea..i want to be like you when i become a spiritual look after must have such patience because i know i can be a piece of work..i know you have had that forehead smack emoji so many times because of my decisions.i love you for bearing with my self and not giving up on me.thank you.HUGS!thanks for being my friends..friends that i cant see yet..


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