For The Millenial Who Feels That They’re Falling Behind Their Peers

Don’t forget, we are all looking to be our best but our best is different from the rest.

Black ▪ Girl ▪ Provoked


It’s Monday, I’m running late for work and I’m getting distracted by another bright yellow Afro on the bus. I sit on the fence, and then I bottle up my desire to tap on his shoulderto wander away about purple shampoo some DIY methods that might cancel out the orange tones in his hair to reveal a swankier blonde.
The bus-ride is long enough that it offers me, before I fall asleep, a decent interval to calculate my next pay-check if I am to call in sick tomorrow, and a moment to decide on whether getting matching holographic nails with my friend next week is necessarily for me. I open my eyes momentarily and an orthodox Egyptian man takes this moment to complain about ISIS. I listen, and then I chime in, and then the automatic female voice announces that my stop has arrived.

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