26th birthdayI celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday this year surrounded by my fam and friends. I think the most memorable thing was that it was my friends exclusively from church save for Carol and Vero who I have known since I was four and my grandmother, at my grandmother’s.  This year, just like when I turned 23, I planned on blogging about the 25 things I have learnt by 26.

i passed the barI have to record that I finally passed the bar exam and took a course in legislative drafting, I hope I will be drafting some laws soon. I also took up a program dubbed thirty by thirty which was created by a couple called the Mumo’s.  I like the class but I feel like an outsider mostly.  I hope I apply the lessons there throughout my life otherwise my money and time would go down the drain. I have grown to appreciate personal development classes. They engage my mind and keep me occupied on the weekends. I feel that at least I am growing my knowledge outside my career or rather, the academic classroom.

So let’s get to it;

  1. Don’t hold on to things that don’t matter


Everything is fleeting. That is what the Bible says, I consider everything as garbage.  That doesn’t mean that you don’t treasure everything around you, it just means that everything is temporary and you shouldn’t hold on to it like your life depends on it..especially those that don’t matter.


  1. Find out what matters

play learn

Of course, to avoid holding on to what doesn’t matter I had to find out what matters to me… I am still adding to the list but what matters the most to me is peace which I get from my faith and prayer. Something else that matters to me Is family(those that support each other not tear each other down) and friendships…and with them, memories. Making memories matters to me a lot and that can be in any form, making the most of time.


  1. Find joy in everything around you


It has to be deliberate. You won’t find joy in everything unless you purpose to. It can be hard especially on a rough day, but you will always look out the window on your way home and see something funny or beautiful like the sky or just the surrounding, or the fact that you are actually going home. There’s a lot of joy everywhere you look, just be intentional about seeing it and you will.


  1. Serve


It can be in any form. For me, it’s by teaching. I find joy in giving, and since sometimes I have no money to give, I give what I have, the knowledge and wisdom I have learnt over the years.  I might not be eighty years old, but I’m not going to wait to see if I get to eighty so that I can share abit of me with the world, because this way, others learn and live.


  1. Free your mind

free your mind

From anything that entangles it, especially the past. They say the only reality you have is now, a second past that is a memory. I spent a lot of years rethinking what could’ve been and what could be if I made certain decisions differently and punishing myself for decisions I made which may have resulted in unfavourable ends. However, I will never know the other side of the story, that is gone and I can do nothing about it..even the future. All I can do something about is Now. Letting go of what if has freed my mind. Especially knowing that someone up there knew exactly what decision I would make and still chose to love me.


  1. Take care of yourself


Mind Body and Soul. That included emotionally and spiritually. It’s your responsibility and nobody will ever do it for you. I realized that nobody in this world understands me as much as I do myself. They do not know my needs and they will not always be there for me because they are human. Taking care of you is what you owe you.Its all you can do for a peace of mind and good health.There are different ways to do it even reading books for me is taking care of myself, my mind and soul, buying myself stuff, which I had been unable to do for a while is taking care of myself, surrounding yourself with like-minded people and people you learn from, joining clubs or classes which you want to learn from or interact is taking care of you.Always.


  1. Travel


I have had the pleasure to through work and partly leisure and there is something refreshing about being in another country or place you have never been and realizing that it places change but you remain the same. It makes you grow in a way because you know that the possibilities are limitless for your soul. Meeting people of different cultures also uplifts you and the beauty in that is indescribable.


  1. Work hard – work smart

work hard

It cannot be emphasized more. Working is inevitable. I have come to terms with it. That s what we took from the fall. To be honest, it also makes me feel good and productive..which is what I love.  Work is fulfilling and I am grateful I can say that.



  1. Just do it!


Procrastination has been a big one for me. I sometimes delay doing stuff because I think I have time, but in this year of change, I just get myself to do whatever I would want to.It is the best feeling yet. Because it boosts my energy to tick another box and another.


  1. Don’t let anyone mess with your money


People will take you for a ride when it comes to your money especially being young in your profession. So uninformed about how to negotiate and what to ask for especially with the little responsibilities. However, I am learning how to speak up for myself and state my price. Of course, do not be deceived that you can be paid money that actually compensates you for the time and effort…it never will be enough, but make sure, to do your research on how much people get paid and don’t be afraid to ask what you think will motivate you to do the work.  I have found that when work is for free, I get lazier by day to do it, or when the terms are not clear.


  1. Count your blessings

count your blessings

Errday, one by one. Especially when you’re not too happy. Just take a pen and paper and write down what you are grateful for. There will always be someone who has more and someone who has less than you..so you will always have something to be grateful for…those are your blessings.


  1. Write


Because it records all your thoughts and creates memories when you read through in the future. Nobody is taking a video of you everyday so…write, for you and all that want to read your work or your musings.




  1. Invest in valuable friendships


I will say that again, invest in valuable friendships, people will pretend to be your friend…many of them..but I have noticed the old friend..the ones you have had longest will understand you the way no other friend will.  I am notorious for keeping friends I knew at four years old and I love that..they are valuable to me because time is valuable to me..plus friendships that grow you are the ones you should be keen on.Friends who look out for you, those that advise you on money and what to invest in, those that listen to your bad days..those that know you..because many don’t know you..even when you think they do.


  1. See yourself in others


Never think yourself as better than anyone else. That is what humility is..and that is what you are called to do..to humble yourself. Do not judge those who sin differently from you..and always put yourself in someone else’s shoes, because that is what being human is..it could have been you..remember that.


  1. Be thankful for every day


For everything..bad and good..because life is made of the bad and the good. I believe that sometimes bad things happen to remind me that I am human and also to pull me closer to God and my faith..they also toughen my skin and prepare me for the future. S be thankful for each day you see that sun when you open those eyes because you are alive.



  1. Don’t give up on your dreams

dont give up

No matter what. Because they hold you together. Without something to hope for or live for, what is life? No matter what people say, hold on to that dream to your cheat and guard it with all you have…and take steps towards living it..because one day you will.




  1. Dream


Because its what you do best, because you are the architect of your life, you are the artist and dreams are the colours. Without the dream, what direction are you taking? You can be swayed here and there. So have dreams…they make you, you..they give you something to live for.


  1. Pray


Because it gives comfort, and clarity, and company. He is the only one that’s always available. It gives you peace and makes you know and feels that the problem is half solved. You are human, you need a supernatural ..and that’s how you get the supernatural power to work.


  1. Build a network


…Of people you can call for anything.Information, or to give work or to be given work. It helps a great deal.  They say sometimes, is not what you know, its who you know. It’s true.


  1. Do not be afraid to change

Change Is Inevitable Quote Change Quotes | The Daily Quipple

Everything changes, everyone changes let nobody lie to you..because we grow and that’s change.  I was afraid, still abit afraid of change because I don’t want to alter the person I am because I think I’m okay..however, I realized that if I want to fulfil my full potential, its necessary.  If I really want to be the person I always dreamt about, that change has to take place. Its gradual, but God has put people in my life to push me above and forward towards it.


  1. Live a good life

good life

Because it is what you will ask yourself as you die.. I know I will. A good life doesn’t mean perfect, it means a life that I am proud of..a life that is worth talking about.


  1. Believe in yourself.


Because even if the world believes in you and you don’t in yourself, it counts for nothing. I have experienced this a lot, when people praise me for something but in my heart or head, I don’t think they are what they say..and you see..all that encouragement doesn’t work on me…I have learnt that if I don’t believe in myself, then, I will always think someone else deserved it or can do it..but the truth is.. I did it and I should believe in my abilities and strengths and work on my weaknesses. I am worth it.


  1. Take what is yours with pride

take pride

Being modest about stuff is a good thing. However, I have learnt that I should indeed pat myself on the back for a job well done or an achievement and take it with pride. It doesn’t mean that I should look down on others or think myself as better but to acknowledge that I did what I set to do and not be shy about being excited about it. It’s okay.


  1. Dress up


Because life is too short not to. So when else will you? What are you waiting for?


  1. Teach


Because this way, you are sowing seeds even without being a mother. Children can come from you or go through you..that’s a quote from collateral beauty.. I think. It taught me a lot,, that I do not have to be a parent to feel fulfilled or productive. I am not saying I don’t want to be, I am saying that I don’t have to wait for that time since we never know about tomorrow..what we have is now.

Those are the 25 lessons I learnt by 26. I hope you keep them and grow them too.

Until next time… GIRLS ONLY baiby!!!!! 🙂



Learning to love God even when there are grey clouds heavy with rain; when the clouds are dull when the air is cold when the heavens roar

Learning to love amidst the biting freeze amidst the lone walk, amidst the moments of despair and discouragement

Laughing…okay..smiling at the dark clouds above you because you know your maker made you greater than them..he made you greater than everything

The beauty of everything is that the storm, the thunder, the rain, the cold, the loneliness; its not the reason why you live.its not your being


Having in mind that your maker owns everything around you and will do all in his power to make sure you are perfected for his great purpose

Doesn’t it feel like a war? Have you asked a warrior what his pride is? What his joy and pride of accomplishment is? it is to fight for what he believes in; that his life is a sacrifice. His purpose is to give his life. To save.

That is how i feel.like i see the clouds above me heavy with rain and i see them gather around me cold. But i know who my maker is and those clouds know who their maker is.he is above the clouds within the clouds around me and within me.

I will withstand the storm to fulfill my purpose for i am a warrior for Christ ❤

warm cat

Its always so easy to love God when its bright and sunny in your life.When everything is going great and you feel so blessed and happy.When you get that job you prayed for and when you get that boyfriend you’ve wanted..but sometimes its not that sunny in your life.its dull and gloomy and all you see are the grey clouds above you..no sign of sunshine on sight..all you know is that it might rain any time and you dread the rain..

What about those times when you aren’t getting what you want.do you still love God..is he still your provider at that time..is he still the amazing father you felt he was in the sun as you danced.Its important to keep the memories of your moments in the sun so that you can always remember how amazing he is.We may not always get our way at our time..but what you should always have in mind is that God never changes..the weather in your life will definitely change it makes your life spicy and less monotonous and you may not see it now but those cloudy or rainy days will make you dance harder in the sun when it rises the next day or the next two days or the next month or year.

Be assured – the weather will get better that’s a guarantee.

Loving God when the good and bad happen in our lives is part of Love. We shouldn’t love Him just because only good things are happening; that’s using Him not loving Him.


here we go…again. :-)

This blog is dedicated to God, our father in heaven. He looks down upon us and protects us. His grace is immeasurable and his mercy has no magnitude.

He gave us His only son, so that we may be forgiven by His blood. We thank Him for the cross, for that sacrifice He made, left an amazing place that no eye has seen and no ear has heard about. A place we cannot imagine so that He could come to earth to die for our sins. Meaning he ran to His earthly death so that we could be saved, so that we may have hope. He really means that He can die for us, and He did exactly that. If that’s not real love I do not know what is. He carried that cross to Calvary, fell three times and he still stood up every time  and moved on, bearing that heavy cross just for us. He did not have to but He did.  This just makes me wonder of how special we are to God in heaven, how much He treasures us but we do not see it.

I compare this to a relationship, you see this guy and you like him so much, you do all that you can to get his attention and he never ever notices you, how does that make you feel? Okay, for those girls who have given up on guys, which I will talk about too, let’s use an example of your mom. You do so much to show her you value and love her, but she ignores it all the time, says she’s busy working or watching something,. That rejection hurts, I can only imagine what God feels when we reject Him after sacrificing so much for us, even His own son. He gave us His best.

Jesus would have given up, said, I can’t do this and walked away, or be whisked away in heaven by the angels, but He did not. He looked into the eyes of the women who cried, felt the pain of the whips cutting through His skin and blood dripping on His forehead and He knew that it was worth it. All the pain, the entire struggle, and all that weight He carried  would save nations from eternal  fire. It would bring multitudes to the Father.

I always wish that I was born in those times, when there was no electricity. When all we did was talk bake laugh share memories and learn. Those times when being a believer was not such a –mouth wide open what are you talking about where were you born- kind of moment expressed when you said that you are born again and that you believe in God and His son Jesus Christ.

I chose to blog about God, life, love and how all these reflect on a girl’s life because I know I can relate most with someone somewhere who feels like there is no chance. John the Baptist said that there is nothing new under the sun right? So what I went through is no different from someone else somewhere.  I chose to blog about Christianity and the journey through my life, the bad and the good. I chose to blog about moments that I wished I was dead and moments I knew I deserved to be off the face of the earth. Sounds like depression huh..Yes, rock bottom moments of my life as a teen ager.

You know…life is a really interesting event. We think it’s long but it’s just a matter of time, a very short time. Do you know that there is a building  in the streets of Nairobi that has been there more than a hundred years. A tree that has grown thousands of years. This means, my ancestors were here and left it there. That shows you how short human life is. And we all should ensure that we use it to the maximum. We should live to live again.

Life should not be as meaningless. Today, I was in the mat  going home after a whole day of studying. Let me rewind, I woke up today and it was so cold and rainy. I decided to sleep off but I heard my mum call a cab telling the person on the other end that they should get her at 7.45am, that was about thirty minutes to. I thought, I should make it to school early and study, I was avoiding the rain because, you know us girls and the rain, the hair will get messed up, we want to look good ALL the time. So I jumped out of bed like I just had an electric shock and showered so fast and picked some jeans a t-shirt and a tuxedo coat, you know they do wonders for the outfit. So I picked some heels and before mum could go I said I’d go with her.

I am learning to live in the moment, I don’t know if it makes sense but, I have realized that I have fewer memories because I always think of stuff I have to take care of, something that happened a few years ago, what I have to do thirty minutes to come. I hope you get it now, I never live in the moment, I always think of the past or the future and when I think of the present I always think of how it will affect the future. Complex! So I decided that I would live in the present, because when I look at my past, it’s not written. Why, because  during that past I was thinking of the present which was the future at that time.

So I got to school, at about eight thirty, and since that time, I studied. I had an exam. I ate lunch alone, I hate eating alone, just because I had to study for the good grades I want. My classmates nowhere to be found because we were all studying for this big exam. I am always a last minute person. It’s not a good thing. I always try. It’s a habit to break out of. So when the exam time neared I was so tense and my classmates told me this topic will be tested and that topic will be tested and all this confused me because when I study, what I have read is what I know and when I let the slightest thought that I don’t know, my head jumbles up and I feel like I’m just blank.. After a whole day of study, I feel blank.. After eating lunch alone I feel blank? Really?

I recollected myself, asked myself why I let myself not believe In myself and ran to the library. I read all the short notes and In my head, I thought, but nobody mentioned this and nobody mentioned that and I had it but they never seemed to feel blank. So I regained part of my confidence and walked swiftly to class;

“ I hope you know there’s no exam”,

“what? No way..”, I smiled and brushed it off.

I walked towards class because; you know someone might pull your leg. I am a Thomas when it comes to business, serious business, because lawyers are taught, seeing is  believing. So I clarified and before I got to class everyone told me, there is no exam, it has been postponed.

Behold, a paradox. To be happy or not to be happy.

No exam but my whole day was spent in school.

I think of every scenario as applying to my spiritual life, and I thought,. If this was heaven even if I had the slightest idea that there was no heaven, would I prepare for it and be disappointed later or should I prepare for it and be happy when I find it there.

We live in a world that has faded away belief, religion especially Christianity. The story of Adam and Eve inspires me. It inspires me not to put blame on anyone. I put the blame on myself. I have made my beliefs fade away like that wind in Kalahari. Faith in God and in Jesus is just another question we choose  to ignore. Application forms asking about my religion, I do not hesitate to write down so boldly that I am a Christian. The actions however do not speak the same.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory. And I am amongst them. I choose to walk in this journey by repainting my faith with a bold colour just like Peter marangi. I choose to live my life as a Christian of faith. This is not a one day thing. It is a journey. We are not perfect, we are not a perfect square and NOBODY has the guide book to life. Only by faith and by the teachings Jesus left us here on this earth can we live according to His words and according to His will. Otherwise, the bible will not tell you what time to wake up tomorrow or what clothes to wear, it just guides you and it is for you to make a choice. It is for you to choose, either to be ready for that exam and not do it, or find the exam on your desk after not studying  because someone somewhere gave you an idea that there is no exam.

My life hasn’t been rosy and dreamy, I’m sure many of ours. But we still live right? I am the kind of girl who planned  her life by age, I knew what I wanted to do at sixteen, what I wanted to do at eighteen, at twenty two, at twenty one but it hasn’t been exactly as planned it out. I will talk about this journey, hoping that I get to someone in my shoes or someone who is not.

Like I say, live, Laugh, love.

Till next write, pray love and seek.